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We are a digital business card website company. Our Digital Business cards help you grow your network. Our digital business card platform makes designing a card simple, convenient and reliable. This is a digital business card that is Smart, Elegant & Affordable.
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Why Acceptus DVC?

Stand out from the crowd with digital business cards. Not only are digital cards better for the environment, they’re also better for your wallet and will help you make a great first impression.

Easy to share & receive

Share your virtual business card using a QR code or send it through email, text, social media, and more. Anyone can receive your digital card, and they don't require any app

Affordable & Eco Friendly

Set up your entire team with branded digital business cards. More affordable and eco-friendly than paper business cards

Who can use this cards?

If you meet your prospective customers in person (one to one meeting) or atleast you do telephonic conversations to market and sell your products or services, then our Digital Business Card will help convey your message in a more strategic way.

Business Owners

Business owners who call and/or meet prospects personally to get business.

Sales Professionals

Independent Sales Professionals, Field Staff and Sales Executives.

Software & IT

Web Designers, Digital and Social Media Marketers who call / meet business people.

Marketing Agencies

Advertising, Branding, News Paper, Printing and Media Planning Houses.


Lawyers, Architects, Interior Designers, CAs, Doctors, Finance and other Consultants.

Events & Travels

Professionals from Event Management, Tours and Travel Companies.

Real Estate & Realtors

Builders, Developers, Real Estate Brokers, etc.

Education & Training

Corporate Trainers, Educational Workshops, HR Consultants and Teachers.

70+ Creative Designs


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Digital business cards are used by both individuals and businesses to quickly and sustainably exchange contact information. They’re more engaging, cost-effective, and eco-friendly than traditional physical business cards. Digital cards are also known as virtual Business cards.

  • There are multiple ways to share a digital business card. The quickest way to share your digital business card in person is with your QR code. With us you can also send your digital business card to someone via a text message, email, social media or direct sharing options.

  • Digital cards have many benefits. The main benefit of a digital business card is that it can be shared in both virtual and in-person settings.